Philosophy & Mission

Mission and Vision

The mission of State Operated Detention Education is to provide students with quality instruction through a continuum of education programs that promote character, achievement, and the skills necessary to transition from the program with the tools that enhance citizenship and life long learning. Additionally, the vision of the education program is instructional excellence for academic and personal success.

Academic and Program Goals

To establish a conducive learning environment which fosters learning for all and promotes academic achievement. To teach students the intended curriculum in order to insure mastery of the Virginia Standards of Learning. To build an authentic partnership with parents, community stakeholders and local agencies. To prepare students to be responsible and respectful citizens by integrating character education across the curriculum.


Courses in English, science, mathematics and social studies are offered at all grade levels. Instruction is based on the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLs) for each content area. A record is kept of the SOLs covered by each student; SOL tests are administered as well. Other classes offered include health and physical education, business and technology and GED preparation. Character education is a strong component of our program and is integrated across the curriculum for each content area. A remedial program is provided for students experiencing difficulty in the area of reading and math.